By Chris Chen


It’s the summer of 2013, and Keizo Shimamoto, a lover of both burgers and ramen, had a brilliant idea — why not combine the two? Enter, the Ramen Burger.  This delicious creation made its debut in Smorgasburg in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and there, the delicious burger was limited to only the first 100 people in line!

It was probably, if not the biggest food fad that summer. original.burgerShortly after the burger launched, tutorials of how to make the burger became a hit. I myself have even attempted to make one, and boy was it a messy piece of work! But, not to brag, it tasted pretty good.

Earlier this year, their storefront, Ramen & Co., opened in the Financial District! Now, there’s no need to wait on long long lines anymore.

Of course, in addition to their juicy original ramen burger (which consists of ramen noodle with Angus beef patty,  arugula, secret shoyu sauce and scallions), they also have variations of it — Yakitori (Chicken), tofu, and shredded beef.

They also serve up other types of food — bento boxes and ramen!


The Bento Boxes usually consists of a main protein with the sides of rice, potato salad, green salad, and housemade pickles! The protein options are Japanese meatballs, beef curry (Japanese Style with potatoes & carrots), pork ginger (Sliced pork with caramelized onions, soy sauce and grated ginger), chicken karaage (Japanese Style Fried Chicken), and tofu steak.

There are three types of ramen – Wakayama Shoyu, Hakata Shio, and the Brooklyn Blend. Each of the ramen is inspired by a different city with its own unique taste. All three ramens start off with the tonkotsu, which is a Kurobuta pork broth and your choice of either pork belly, chicken, or beef and egg.

The Wakayama Shoyu consists of tonkotsu (Kurobuta pork broth), soy sauce, scallion, kikurage (Japanese Mushroom), and a fried onion. The Hakata Shio consists of tonkotsu, salt, scallion, kikurage, and fried onion. ramen.chickenThe Brooklyn Blend consists of tonktosu, black garlic oil, soy sauce, salt, scallion, kikurage, and fried onion. Despite the ramens very similar list of ingredients, the flavors do differ as well as the noodle type. The noodle varies between the thickness and whether it’s curly or straight depends on which ramen you choose.

There are so many options to choose from, whatever choice you make, you won’t be disappointed. The food at Ramen & Co. will always have you coming back for more. What’s even better is that you can get ramen burgers catered to your office for lunch or dinner!

Contact us at to get yourself some ramen burgers for lunch today!

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