Top 5 Ice Cream Spots You Won’t Want To Miss

By Anna Lesser

The mid July heat we all know and love is beginning to settle in. Trying to find a snack to cool you down can be difficult in the Big Apple.  To help, we created a list of the top 5 ice cream places in NYC for you to check out.

1) Luca & Bosco

This is one place you do not want to miss out on. All-natural ingredients and organic flavor makes for a killer taste you won’t forget. Located in Essex Street Market, their famous Drunk & Salty Caramel scoop is one that will cool you down in a heartbeat, but will leave you wanting more.

Drunk & Salty Caramel Photo Credit: Catherine Oddenino

2) Coolhaus

If you’re looking for a more unique flavor ice cream, we have the place for you. Coolhaus has all types of food that strive to push the boundaries of traditional dessert.  Their hand-dipped ice cream bars are a delicious and easy snack to have on the go in this July heat.

Tahitian Vanilla Bean ice cream dipped in Salted Milk Chocolate and rolled in crushed pretzels Photo Credit: Coolhaus

3) Melt

If you’re anything like me and can never decide between ice cream or cookies for dessert, I am about to make your life a lot easier. Melt has the best Ice cream sandwiches New York has to offer. One of the top flavors, the Morticia, combines crackly chocolate cookies with malted chocolate rum ice cream and is one sandwich everyone is talking about.  

Ice Cream Sandwich Photo Credit: Melt Bakery

4) Emack and Bolios 

Emack and Bolios is one tasty treat that will leave your taste buds craving more. Their list of over 100 flavors is always kept fresh and they are constantly adding new ones.  One recent add- Space Cake is a delicious mix of cake batter ice cream with short bread cookie pieces and chunks of fudgy chocolate cake. Stop by and see which wonderful creation becomes your favorite!

Emack & Bolio’s Famous Cone Photo Credit: Emack & Bolio’s

5) Big Gay Ice Cream 

Last, but certainly not least is old favorite, Big Gay Ice Cream. Their funky names and fun flavors makes for a fun ice cream experience. “With a playful attitude, Big Gay Ice Cream spins a new take on old-school soft-serve by creating fun and unique ice creams, toppings, and frozen treats that appeal to a diverse mix of clientele.”
Yellow Cake Soft-Serve Photo Credit: Big Gay Ice Cream

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