Foodies of New York: Danielle Dominguez

Danielle Dominguez
Danielle Dominguez
Danielle Dominguez

By Rachel Wells

Part of a series that documents real New Yorkers and their love affair with food. 

Danielle Dominguez hails from Forest Hills, Queens. She’s a super smart High School senior at Townsend Harris High School in Flushing, Queens. She is headed to the University of Delaware’s prestigious honors program as a Distinguished Scholar in the fall to study business.

Pierogies at Veselka (photo credit: Veselka's instagram)
Pierogies at Veselka (photo credit: Veselka’s instagram)

Her favorite restaurant is in the city is Veselka; a Ukrainian restaurant that’s been around since 1954. It’s a major foodie attraction in the East Village that Danielle discovered with a group of her friends. She claims she “fell in love at first bite.” When there, she orders any variation of their traditional fried pierogi. For readers that don’t know – a pierogi (pronounced puh-ROUGE-EE) is a delicious Ukrainian-style dough dumpling that can be prepared boiled or fried and is typically filled with meat, cheese or potato. At Veselka, the pierogi dish is served with an irresistible set of sides; sauteed onions, applesauce and sour cream. The restaurant serves other Ukrainian favorites such as kielbasa, potato pancakes, and stuffed cabbage but their pierogies are by far their most popular dish – according to their records, they make approximately 3,000 of them every day!

Veselka NYC (photo credit: Global City NYC)
Veselka NYC (photo credit: Global City NYC)

Veselka has been a staple to its neighborhood since day one. It has expanded from a newsstand that served soup and sandwiches to a 24-hour restaurant in its many years, all without ever leaving its original location. Danielle encourages tourists to try Veselka because of how wonderfully unique Ukrainian food is and, because going to Veselka is like visiting a little plot of history in NYC.

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