Look who got a makeover | Photo Credit: Sulav Darnal

By Riad Veerapen

Remember these ooey gooey squares? We had them all the time as kids.

Boring old Rice Krispies
Boring old Rice Krispies treats | Photo Credit: Quarrygirl.com

Well, they’ve been upgraded. Check out these gorgeous gourmet Rice Krispies treats!

Look who got a makeover
Fancy new Rice Krispies treats |Photo Credit: Sulav Darnal

It all started when Chris Russel, the founder of Treat House, decided to have a bake sale with his sons to raise money for kids in Africa.

His two adorable sons Dan and Eli having a bake sale.
His two adorable sons Dan and Eli selling the original fancy treats at a bake sale. |Photo Credit: Treathouse.com

People lined up, they cleaned house and Treat House was born.

He has a store!
His own shop! |Photo Credit: mbvintagenewyork.blogspot.com/

His flavors are unpredictable and super creative, ranging from peanut butter cup (OMG) to bubble gum.

Yes you are seeing right - Raspberries, blueberries and oreo too
Yup, your eyes aren’t fooling ya |Photo Credit: Firstwefeast.com

And what’s even sweeter, is that at Treat House, 10 cents of every purchase is donated to the Food Bank for New York City. As Chris says, “we live in an area where there is a high density of children…we think social responsibility is very important.”

Paying it forward.
Paying it forward. |Photo Credit: Vimeo.com


So the next time you’re in the Upper West Side craving a little something, stop by Treat House. By the way, its gluten free too!

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