Lobsters with Personality: Meet Them at Lobster de Mayo

Naked Lobster Rolls

By Debra Liu

Once in a blue moon, an event so spectacular, so grand happens, that all others are left in the dust. This year, that event is Lobster de Mayo, a celebration of the exquisite creature of the ocean we love to bisque.

Naked Lobster Rolls
Naked Lobster Rolls

Presented by Homarus, the leading purveyor of lobster for New York City’s premier restaurants, Lobster de Mayo will be held on May 10th; The Food Network’s celebrity chef Katie Lee will host. On that fine evening, over 1000 people and twenty of the city’s finest restaurants, including Gramercy Tavern, Betony, ABC Kitchen and others will gather at the Capitale for a decadent night filled with Mexican-inspired lobster dishes.

There will be an endless amount of food ranging from lobster tacos to ceviche, and bottomless drinks including champagne, tequila sponsored by Patron, and other beverage pairings.

Jordan Elkin, co-owner of Homarus
Jordan Elkin, co-owner of Homarus

Homarus is celebrating its 5 year anniversary and the forces behind this event, Jordan Elkin and Brian McGovern, co-founders of Homarus, are really excited to be able to share their passion for lobster with all of us in NYC. “Whenever I go out to eat dinner, I always love seeing people eat lobster so this event will be an overload for me. Every restaurant is going to do about two dishes and I hope people don’t try to do a drink with every dish…” Jordan said with a laugh.

For someone who works with lobster every day, Jordan has actually never gotten tired of eating it. “I didn’t grow up eating lobster. I had my first lobster – it was a lobster roll – in my mid-twenties. So for me, only eating it so late in life, I’m trying to make up for it,” he explained. “One of my favorite ways to have lobster is ceviche so I’m sure we’ll have a couple different takes on that,” he adds.

Jordan’s favorite part of being in the lobster business is working with a live product, which he says keeps things exciting and different. “You can’t just wake up early in the morning like a zombie and start playing with lobsters, you have to be pretty awake or you’ll get pinched. I like that there’s some personality with the lobsters…each one of them has their own.”

Lobster Ceviche

He’s looking forward to spending time and grabbing a few drinks with the chefs. According to Jordan, Lobster de Mayo is a big Thank You to all the people who enjoy eating at the restaurants. “We hope that everyone has a good time and it’s something we want to do every year,” he says.

For more information on Lobster de Mayo, please check out the event page here.

And for those wondering where the name Homarus came from, Homarus is the genus of lobsters we eat: Homarus americanus (there’s also the European counterpart, Homarus gammarus).


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