How to Navigate the Munchies on Easter Sunday aka 4/20

Gluten-Free Black Bean Brownies

By Debra Liu & Emily Collins

This year Easter Sunday falls on 4/20 and you know what that means – probably the best hybrid eating holiday ever! Let’s not forget how amazing Thanksgivukkah was. There’s no time to waste. Let’s start getting high on food:


Start your Easter eating with brunch. New York City is filled with great brunch places but on Sunday they are bound to be packed so invite your family and friends over for a brunch at home. If you’re ambitious, you should cook! I’d suggest an Asparagas Asiago Quiche or Spinach Ricotta Pie – those are always crowdpleasers. However, if you find yourself in a pickle with no eggs in the fridge (hey, it happens), you can order a big group Sunday Breakfast catered by Petite Abeille.

Chocolate Brownies

There’s a good deal of chocolate devoured on Easter – typically in the form of eggs and bunnies. If we were to choose the one food to commemorate Easter 4/20, it would be chocolate brownies. At FoodtoEat, we are mindful that bikini season is approaching so here’s a healthy Chocolate Black Bean Brownie recipe (you can modify as you see fit, if you catch my drift):

More Munchies

What would our favorite hybrid holiday be without some sweet treats? No Easter is completely without MORE chocolate. If you want to get your sweet fix, head over to the Broadway Baker! The Broadway Baker has pretty much any flavor cupcake you can imagine. They also specialize in cookies and brownies! If this isn’t enticing enough, there’s even a gluten free menu; a little something for everybody!

Chocolate Chip Cookies from Broadway Baker


Hallelujah, there is a cookbook!

If the Easter 4/20 eating fest is a bit overwhelming – we totally understand – here is a cookbook to help guide you through this really important day. It’s called The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook and features recipes ranging from Hookah Lounge Hummus to Pot and Pancetta Stuffed Beef Tenderloin with Port Mushrooms.

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