Startup Institute NY student enjoying a cupcake!

By Doug Wagner, Guest Blogger

Startup Institute NY student enjoying a cupcake!Work days are long. There’s no getting around that – except maybe lunch. That’s why all of us at Startup Institute New York jumped at the chance to have FoodtoEat provide us with some well-deserved sweets. After days of eager anticipation, FoodtoEat brought an array of cookies into our office. The thing is, these weren’t any normal cookies. They were cupcake cookies.

I’m sure your mind is racing at the possibilities, so here’s the low-down. Classic sugar cookies, shaped like cupcakes – plus all of the frosting and sprinkles your lucky tastebuds and poor bathroom scale can handle. Of course, by the end of our lunch hour the cookies were all gone. The only evidence of the sweet treats’ existence was the empty tubs of frosting and a fraction of the sprinkles that once were. We rode that sugar high for the rest of the day.

cupcake table

The only thing more satisfying than eating our scrumptious treats was knowing that by doing so we were not only satiating our sugar-lust, but also helping FoodtoEat in their mission to provide a sustainable platform for vendors both large and small to reach their hungry customers. They don’t charge fees that the average vendor can’t pay – in fact, they charge just a dime. Now that’s a dime well spent.

The cupcake cookies we gorged ourselves on were from Sweet Generation, a bakery that brings the concept of a community bake sale to the national stage. From there, they support key causes such as funding arts education. There’s some food for thought. It’s something everyone can get behind, and only one small example of the way FoodtoEat strives to find the intersection between helping people and yum.

The bottom-line for us at the StartUcupcake table closeupp Institute New York was that we were impressed. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late-night – FoodtoEat can bring you the food you want. It’ll be cheaper than you expect, and more importantly it’ll help your favorite restaurants and food trucks stay open. Suffice it to say, we are very much looking forward to our FoodtoEat meal next week.

Most importantly, through their concierge catering program you can bring your office delicious, unique food from vendors that usually wouldn’t be able to sell their food through such a service. Have a favorite food truck? Tell FoodtoEat about it. Love a certain hole-in-the-wall? FoodtoEat can get it for you and bring it right in to the office to feed you and your team.

Doug Wagner is a New Jersey native, back from his collegiate excursion to the Great White North. Now in the big bad city, he’s working for and studying Technical Marketing at the Startup Institute New York. He’s also is a soccer fanatic. Above all, he loves to eat food.

Thank you Doug for Guest Blogging! Read Doug’s post about the event on the Startup Institute Blog.

DailyFoodtoEat is the official blog of FoodtoEat, a sustainable online food ordering and concierge catering service featuring your favorite restaurants, food trucks and caterers. Check out the deliciousness here:

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