We <3 you! FoodtoEat Staff Picks for Valentine’s Day

Love Cupcakes | Broadway Baker

Vday banner

By Debra Liu

Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re attached, happily single, or casually looking, Valentine’s Day is the day to show love to yourself and those around you. What better way than via food? Here are some of FoodtoEat’s Picks for delicious places we want to share because we love you. Get love delivered to your door!

Love Cupcakes from Broadway Baker 

Nothing says I HEART YOU more than Valentine themed cupcakes. Broadway Baker will deliver cupcakes straight to your loved one! With flavors like Dark Chocolate Raspberry and Decadent Chocolate Java, you can’t go wrong. “These cakes of love are topped with all natural organic fruity hearts and dark chocolate covered caramels.” Order some now. 

Love Cupcakes | Broadway Baker
Love Cupcakes | Broadway Baker

Tapas from Plan B on Mulberry

Does a romantic meal at home with tapas and sangria sound like your perfect V day? Well, Plan B on Mulberry is your Plan A then. The restaurant features contemporary Northern Spanish Tapas including Goat Cheese Croquettes and Patatas Bravas. Click to order some Plan B tapas now.

Tapas | Plan B
Rabbit Meatballs | Plan B

Hearty Braised Pork from Mayhem & Stout

Is comfort food what makes your heart leap? Or are you trying to impress your significant other with a delicious meal that could pass off as something you cooked all by yourself? If so, then the Braised Pork Brown Rice Bowls from Mayhem & Stout will definitely tickle your fancy, and your stomach. The slow roasted goodness of their sandwiches will not disappoint either. Click here to order.

Braised Pulled Pork Sandwich | Mayhem & Stout
Braised Pulled Pork Sandwich | Mayhem & Stout

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