Bantam Bagels: A Different Kind of New York Bagel

By Debra Liu

Bagels in NYC are the best. Really, there’s no other place on earth to get the perfect bagel. Some say it’s the water. Who knows? Who cares? They are simply delicious. Haven’t you always wished you could eat a plain bagel, everything bagel, AND a cinnamon raisin bagel ALL AT ONCE? Yeah, well now you can, thanks to Bantam Bagels.

Bantam Bagels' Tailgate Box
Bantam Bagels’ Tailgate Box

Bantam Bagels, a new kind of bagel shop located in the West Village, offers miniature bagels filled with cream cheese. They make about 15-20 different flavors of bagel balls each day, and the types of flavors are growing as they are continually inspired by new foods they try. Elyse and her husband/co-founder Nick were inspired to make a pretzel bagel one day while walking around in the park and came across a pretzel stand. Their Hot Pretzel Bagel Ball is topped with sea salt crystals and filled with mustard and sharp cheddar cream cheese.

Some of their most popular flavors include Everybody’s Favorite which is an everything bagel filled with vegetable cream cheese and The Bleecker Street, a pizza dough bagel filled with marinara mozzarella cream cheese and topped with a slice of pepperoni.  As for the sweeter side of things, they offer Cookies and Milk, a brown sugar walnut bagel filled with sweet chocolate chip cream cheese.

For the Superbowl, Bantam is featuring a Tailgate Box with 3 different flavors, perfect for munching on as you watch the Big Game at home. The flavors in the box are Hot Pretzel, Bleecker Street, and Buffalo, which is celery carrot bagel filled with buffalo chicken blue cheese cream cheese.

Assortment of Bantams
Assortment of Bantams

They sell cream cheeses too! Their cream cheese flavors are phenomenal and if you’re looking for unique flavors for a weekend brunch gathering, Bantam is your place. “We were actually just featured in the Daily News for our cream cheeses,” says Elyse.

According to Elyse, the best moments are when older customers come in and are a bit hesitant to try the bagels, but once they take a bite of a bantam, they love it and keep coming back for more.

With flavors like Weekend Brunch (everything bagel with lox, tomato and red onion cream cheese), The Hangover (a cheddar cheese and egg bagel topped with melted cheddar filled with bacon cheddar cream cheese and a drizzle of maple syrup), and Grandma JoJo (Italian spiced bagel with thinly sliced, marinated tomato filled with fresh basil pesto cream cheese), Bantam Bagels makes bagel eating more delicious than ever, putting a modern spin on a classic NYC favorite.

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