The holiday season is over and, along with the binge drinking, the giant turkey legs and the pineapple hams have hopefully been replaced with a nice chicken noodle soup and a fruit salad.  No matter how healthy and fit you might be, it’s always important to keep a balanced diet in mind, especially during the colder seasons when people tend to go heavy instead of healthy.

So keep these superfoods and health tips in mind this winter for a healthy and productive season, which may or may not lead to a summer for hotdogs and golden ales galore.

Start your day with a cold press juice or a smoothie from:

Treehaus has coldpress juices made in house and a smoothie counter at most of their locations.  The one near our office on 51st street and 3rd avenue is ready to go on both fronts.

Magic Mix Juicery is another wonderful place for juices, so if your near their Fulton street location then go ahead and juice up.

Make Sure to include at least one large salad a day! This is the clincher for a super healthy day, 1 cup of dark green leafy vegetables (kale, spinach or mustard greens) contains more potassium than a banana!  Also a ton of gut cleansing fiber, the highest being in kale (2.6g) and mustard greens (1.7g). Mustard greens and kale are high in antioxidants (A,C,E) and have loads of Vitamin K.

Our go to spot is Just Salad – we are in talks to have them on our site – BTW they have some amazing wraps if you’re not into the salad bowls

Snack on some fruits and nuts throughout the day – just bring some from home. Besides being high in Omega fatty acids, nuts, have lots of protein and are a good way to curb unhealthy snacking and keep that motor running.

If you’re on the high protein side of the spectrum then go for an egg white scramble or a hummus dip from Morningstar Restaurant on the east side. Hey you can always go for a tofu scramble if you ain’t down with the ovo-vegetarians.

Put down the red meat already and feed your inner carnivore some heart healthy alternatives.

We recommend giving Upstate Beer and Oyster Bar a thorough menu reading.  Oysters not only have loads of omega fats but heaps of vitamin B12 and zinc (the natural aphrodisiac).

Treat yourself once in a while go for a slice at Rizzo’s Fine Pizza.  Remember the key is ONCE in a while.

If you stick to it we’re sure the pounds won’t…so give yourself a fresh new outlook and keep the ingredient list chock full of the healthy stuff and not a chemical preservative or saturated lard.

Happy eating!

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