Jane Poretsky is the Epitome of Caramelized Sarcasm

By Debra Liu

Jane Poretsky is FoodtoEat’s resident chef and baker extraordinaire and writer of the food blog, Caramelized Sarcasm. From delicious savory dishes like Chicken with Olives & Lemon Thyme Sauce to scrumptious sweets like Chocolate Cinnamon Cake with Marshmallow Frosting, Jane wows our taste buds on a daily basis (we’re seriously spoiled!).

Jane Poretsky
Jane Poretsky

She started her blog in 2011 after her experience studying abroad in Tel Aviv, where she didn’t have a kitchen for four months. When she came home she had an urgent desire to cook. Her friends and family often asked her for recipes so starting Caramelized Sarcasm was the perfect way to build an online roster of all her creations to share with those around her.

In terms of her most memorable food experience, Jane says, “I love authentic food and recently had the most glorious Georgian bread/cheese with poached eggs. Let’s just say grilled cheese pales in comparison. It was from Tone Cafe in Brighton Beach… what I like to call ‘The Motherland'”.

Her top 3 dining spots are:

  1. Cherry next door to the Dream Hotel. According to Jane, the atmosphere is lovely and although the appetizers are on the pricey side, the dumplings filled with sour cherry and liver pate are a must-try. “They also have a house-crafted sesame bourbon that puts the classics to shame,” she adds.
  2. Maison Kayser for their pistachio eclairs, which “will have you hallucinating the Tour D’Eiffel outside the window”.
  3. Peter Luger Steakhouse. She loves the old world feeling of this classic steakhouse. “It’s a taste of nostalgia, and the best steak I’ve ever bit into. Vegans, beware. The tomato salad is the simplest thing you will ever order, but oh the freshness.”
Jane's Eggplant Timbale
Jane’s Eggplant Timbale

Jane  has an extensive cooking portfolio and enjoys making all sorts of dishes ranging from Eggplant Timbale (she’s obsessed with Italy!) to Russian Yeast Pancakes (Oladushki) in honor of her Russian heritage. She makes an amazing mushroom crepe cake that’s always been a hit at parties. Her go-to dessert to make is a pumpkin spice cake that is moist and studded with pineapple and coconut (yum!).

In her spare time, when she’s not cooking and feeding us, she spends a lot of time with family. She enjoys reading, hot yoga, bike riding and escaping to her country cottage on summer weekends. She likes exploring new restaurants and bars with friends. An interesting tidbit is that Jane can speak a handful of Italian, Hebrew and French and is pretty darn great at all 3 accents.

As for the future, Jane says, “I’m not sure where I’ll be tomorrow, and especially not 10 years from now. I hope to continue writing about food and sharing my passion for cooking with friends and strangers alike. Maybe one day I’ll own a restaurant, or have a cooking show. Who knows…Any Food Network recruiters reading this: that spice cake is yours if you hire me!”

Jane's Russian Yeast Pancakes (Oladushki)
Jane’s Russian Yeast Pancakes (Oladushki)

To learn and see more of Jane, check out her awesome how-to cooking videos on the FoodtoEat YouTube Channel

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