From Food Writing to Hosting Curated Events: Meet Caitlin Heikkila

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By Debra Liu

Caitlin Heikkila, the force behind the awesome food blog, Becoming Brooklyn, is one of our favorite NYC food bloggers. We had an opportunity to meet and learn more about her new exciting venture, The Sauce, a lifestyle club similar to a supper club, but with elements of wine, music and art folded into the delicious mix.

Caitlin Heikkila
Caitlin Heikkila

Growing up in a food-oriented household in New England, with a mom who is a caterer, Caitlin has had a passion for food for as long as she can remember. She went to school for writing and communications and blended her passion for food with her interest in writing when she began her blog shortly after moving to NYC post-college. In her blog, Becoming Brooklyn, Caitlin shares her experiences living, eating and experiencing Brooklyn, which she fell in love with immediately after escaping her super tiny Manhattan apartment.

Heirloom Tomato Pizza at Motorino Brooklyn
A Caitlin Favorite: Heirloom Tomato Pizza at Motorino Brooklyn

One of Caitlin’s favorite dining experiences has been at Aska in Williamsburg, which creates Scandivanian-inspired cuisine. “I’m actually Finnish so I was excited to try the food. It was seriously one of the best meals I’ve ever had. Every course was something I’ve never tasted before. There were these flavors that brought memories; kind of like a tie between food and memory so that was great,” Caitlin says. Some of her other favorite food spots in Brooklyn include Diner, Lucali, Seersucker and Colonie.

In addition to writing, Caitlin enjoys hosting events, which led her to co-found The Sauce. According to Caitlin, The Sauce is “a lifestyle club for people who are passionate about food, drink, art and music. So at each event we have all of those things.” The club introduces members to a curated social experience, exposing people to delicious foods prepared by experienced chefs as well as new art and music by rising artists and musicians, all in one night.

The Sauce’s first event was held on November 14;  it was a harvest themed 5-course supper celebrating the taste and foods of Fall, perfectly accompanied by wine and cider and held at Atelier Roquette, an absolutely gorgeous event space in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

A Caitlint Favorite: House Cured Scottish Salmon at Clover Club
A Caitlin Favorite: House Cured Scottish Salmon at Clover Club

And of course, we had to ask Caitlin about her favorite Thanksgiving foods as this is the holiday practically made for foodies. “I love simple, simply prepared vegetables like roasted Brussels sprouts or roasted sweet potatoes. I’m also into the traditional Thanksgiving pies like pumpkin, or even sweet potato pie, apple. I have at least two slices of every single pie. You have to try everything!”





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