Old School is going to have a new address

We’ve always been huge supporters of food trucks so whenever one ventures into expanding their business model we feel excited.

The Halal Cart is doing just that. Not only have they dominated the scene on 53rd and 6th they’ve set some real tasty standards since the earlier part of the eighties. These guys have been in business together for quite some time and have learned a thing or two. One of those being, how to keep customers hooked.

dj yoshi halal guys photo

It’s an essential part of their plan to spread the word of halal.  Luckily for the diehard believers they’re opening up a humble abode on 14th and second avenue. YES! Starting from the first week of November, you can grace their store anywhere from 5AM to 7AM. YES, BELIEVE IT!  Alongside  the apparent shock and disbelief comes a possible Juice bar and get this, a vegetarian option. YES, Blown!

It’s not only the charm and their ability to smother people with the goodness of a solid plate of halal and the mellow goodness of that white saucey concoction(1)  It’s merely the fact that the routine of perfecting the art of making those piles and drenching the meats and topping it off with some itty bitty slices of lettuce and tomatoes has been engineered into their motor pathways.  If you look at it in a purely mechanical way, these guys are possibly some of the only people in the world who can operate these carts with a mastery unknown to mankind – at least anyone outside of New Yawk Cidi.halal guys store

Well we’ve already marked it down as our go to.  Let’s see how they stand up against the crowds.

(1) http://gothamist.com/2013/03/16/behold_heres_the_recipe_for_white_h.php


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