FoodtoEat Fear Factor feat. Cricket Tacos !

By: Sumayyah Hailey

Antojeria Popular 1
Antojeria Poplar, 50 Spring St, NY, NY

A little Spanish lesson before we continue …

Antojeria  [An-to-he-ree-ah] Mexican street snack eatery

Antojitos  [An-to-he-tows] / Mexican Tapas: Mexican street snack designed to satisfy a craving and literally translates as little whim

 Now we continue … So, for the month of October, the FoodtoEat team has been hitting the streets to find some of the most daring foods to eat, which is how we stumbled upon Antojeria Popular and decided to go out on a “little whim” and taste their CRICKET TACOS.

Antojeria Cricket Taco
Oaxaca Tostada AKA Cricket Taco

The CRICKET TACO is served on a blue corn tostada topped with delicious, homemade guacamole then topped with too many crickets to count and drizzled with crema. Some have said that the crickets taste like bacon (salty and crunchy!) … Nomnomnom

What Urban Daddy Said: Antojeria is one of  “those places where a semi-late lunch just rolls right into dinner: this is one of those.  The conversation will swing from life to love to work to the cricket tostada you just ord—holy sh*t, you just ordered a cricket tostada. (It’s called the Oaxaca.)” -Urban Daddy

What We Said: Holy isht … We agree with Urban Daddy!  So,  if you are feeling the adventurous foodie in you coming out, feel free to hop into the nearest phone booth, spin 100 times like Superman and pop into Antojeria Popular to check out their daring CRICKET TACOS among other delicious bites.

Antojeria Popular, 50 Spring St., NY, NY

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