le grand fooding 2013 time machine

Tonight the Le Grand Fooding festival is being hosted in Red hook, not too far from our own culinary capital.  This year a multitude of chefs and culinary enthusiasts are going to be delighted with a three course meal with a ‘back in time’ thematic, being orchestrated by renowned chef Alexandre Cammas.

Chef Alexandre Cammas

Cammas and gang have portioned each of the three ‘stops’ back in time as per the following arrangement , In the first stop (The Fusion Cuisine Years 1991-1999) Peter Gordon will dish out the appetizers – plantain, tamarind and coconut with goat cheese, along with a smoked-salmon wanton. This will be accompanied with a cocktail concocted by Jeannette Levis

The second stop (The Bistronomy years 1998-2007) a French chef – not a bistrotier monsieur – will be doing a roasted veal breast with mixologist Tristan Willey making a ‘aughts-style cocktail.’

The third and final stop is being dubbed the The Farm to Table Years (2008 and beyond!) being served by two talented chefs Frank Falcinelli and Frank Castronovo. It’s a dessert with Jameson Black Barrel on the rocks. Be careful of this one.

Its tonight. At 7PM. In Brooklyn. Take the L, the J, the L the M…just get there. GO NOW.

If you see anyone from the FTE team…dont forget to show us some love!

P.S. just in case you miss it tonight, there on tomorrow evening as well.

Happy eating!

P.P.S. heres the address if you got a Tom Tom:

Le Grand Fooding
372 Columbia St
Red Hook

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