And the 2013 Vendy Award goes to…

The stage was set.  All 28 trucks in attendance had exhausts revving to the max. Brooklyn Brewery had the beverages handled. The crowd was pumped and the lines were growing. Our base of operations was thoroughly fortified with enough antacids and lemonade to quench the biggest post Vendy tummy ache.

This particular feeling was the polar opposite of the first day of school. In fact it felt like the only thing to do was to conduct a gastric stress test, challenge accepted. I began with the empanadas. Nucha’s won the rookie of the year award and their portabella spinach empanadas were undoubtedly made to please. Juicy wholesome mushrooms slathered with cheese and seasoned spinach had a wooing effect on my stomach, I had another plate. Then it was onto the Souvlaki King of Astoria.

The Souvlaki King surely had his ingredients primed and cooked just before he set them up for each order, or maybe I just got lucky. Everything was fresh and simply delicious. The fries were perfectly crisped and the meats seemed as they were lovingly coaxed into scrumptious treats to fill out the falfal goodie bags.Image

My favorite every year has always been The Cinnamon Snail – they’re vegan. All of their sandwiches were flavorful and thought provoking to say the least. Korean BBQ Seitan, Lemon Caper Grilled Oyster Mushrooms and Lemongrass Tempeh Tacos. Wow. For a vegan buff like myself, its difficult to find restaurants that serve up vegan food, so a travelling truck filled with serious eats is as close to a blessing as I can get.  After topping off at The Snail I was beginning to feel woozy.

So, I decided that a couple of slices of Neopolitan Express would.. well, pizza always is medicinal. The light crust the sweet sauce and the understated basil and mozzarella were perfect. This was my go to truck. The most amazing part about the experience was the turn over. They had pies coming out at a rate of a bajillion per minute – which was around my heart rate after I had my first few bites. I’m definitely following these guys around for a while (purely out of love for the pizza not as a groupie).Image

At this point my mind and my stomach were beginning to tear at my gut

When my appetite finally caught up with the contents of my stomach – which were still only about 45 cm away from my oral cavity – I decided to check out the HUGE line at Olomega’s. I ordered the loroco flowers and cheese pupusa and noshed away. I noshed loud and I noshed strong; It was an experience to behold.  It was only after wiping my mouth of the delicious remnants did I understand what the hushed whispers were about, the pupusas were like the mets in ‘86, a hit – I miss them now.  Image

As I sulked back over to our temporary headquarters with my cranberry glazed donut cake from The Snail truck, I realized that I hadn’t even tried the summer ales from the Brooklyn Brewery. It was tasty but it didn’t help me get over the long wait till my next empanada or pupusa.  So I meditated on the ordeals of the day. Lessons learned, go into the vendys with an empty stomach, a steadfast resolve and if you fail at eating everything then learn to say no more.

The 2013 Vendys was an experience, the food was amazing everywhere, the crowd was spectacular the energy was plentiful and luckily for me (and the rest of the Foodtoeat team) Joey Chestnut, competitive eater, wasn’t in attendance.

Congratulations to Olomega for winning the Vendy Cup and to Lukes obster for taking home The Peoples Tastes Award, you guys are amazing and your food proves it.

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