Imperial Woodpeckar’s Bad A** Sno-Balls

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By: Sumayyah Hailey

Take a casual stroll down the cobble stone streets of the ultra trendy meat packing district, with its side walk cafes, rooftop bars and designer boutiques and you will find the cutest sno-ball stand ever!  It is a mini storefront set up with a pushcart, a colorful, handwritten board listing the flavors, and outdoor seating for your enjoyment. But, don’t be fooled, Neesa Peterson is serving up some BAD A** sno -balls at Imperial Woodpecker Snow-Balls; they will make you slap your momma! They are so bad A** in fact, she has been written up by the likes of, Glamour, Southern Living, and now us!

So what makes her sno-balls so bad A**? 

IW_SnoBall2First, Neesa and her sno-balls hail from N’awlins (That’s New Orleans for the faint of heart), Louisiana.  The sno-balls are made using Shave ice and not the run of the mill “shaved ice” that you are probably used to. It is much better in my opinion than the crushed ice of a snow cone.   The Shave ice is much finer and absorbs the syrup much better than crushed ice.  It is shaved from a giant block of ice, often using a special machine that was invented in Louisiana.  Who would have thunk it that sno-balls are a big part of the New Orleans culinary scene?  Well, I am glad they are and I am equally glad that she brought those bad A** sno-balls to New York City… Yum!

Second, she has an extensive and delicious flavor list (over 80 flavors!).  You can find bad A**, tantalizing flavors such as Watermelon-Jalapeño, Meyer Lemon Basil, Mojito, Orchid Vanilla Cream, Birthday Cake or classic flavors such as strawberry daiquiri, root beer and lemonade.  She makes the syrup fresh daily as only a real bad A** would.   The prices range from $3 to $9 and you can add additional toppings such as condensed milk, marshmallow fluff or vanilla ice cream for $1.IW_Board Lastly, what says “I’m a bad A**” more than “Imperial Woodpecker Sno-Balls” ? Absolutely nothing!  So if you are feeling like a real bad A** one day, stop by the Imperial Woodpecker Sno-ball stand at 55 Gansevoort and pick up one of those bad A** sno-balls; you are what you eat.

But hurry soon!  This is the third and last summer that Neesa will provide New York City her delicious, bad A** sno-balls.  She will be closing shop Sept 15th.  But, she is available for private parties and catering in case you go into withdrawal after the 15th.  To learn more:

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