By: Gabby Zilkha
Edited by: Diana Truong

Coolhaus… I get it! It’s because the ice cream sandwich looks like a house and it’s cold! Right you are…well sort of…kind of…maybe 1/3 right. The name is in fact a triple Entendre! So while an ice cream sandwich is essentially a cool house, its meaning also stems from some super cool Architecture history.

Bauhaus is a design movement of the 1930’s that connects art and design, which is essentially what Coolhaus has done with their ice cream sandwiches. It is also named for the Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas who challenged architectural concepts. The ice cream gurus make the point to connect architecture into Coolhaus encompassing all of their passions.


If you ever go onto a Coolhaus truck you will see the homage to architecture and great architects. They have flavors named after famous architects all over New York City, for instance they have a flavor for the guy who designed the highline (left)! They love to get a conversation going about the ice cream and architecture.


Natasha (left) actually got her masters in architecture and she loved the idea of incorporating food into design. She saw food as a medium that promoted comfort and one that created strong happy memories. Natasha wanted to make architecture more mainstream and keep awareness for the beauty of it going.


The outreach is working too! Natasha told me a funny story about a time when she was on the streets of New York in the Coolhaus Truck. There was a huge line for the ice cream sandwiches when all of a sudden Sofia Vergara (right) and a large crowd of her friends wearing fancy Versace dresses come up to the truck. Sofia stood in front of the truck and just started reading the flavors and the people the flavors were named after. As she reads them in her nice heavy accent, Sophia, her friends, and everyone in line is laughing at the way she’s pronouncing the flavors. Between Sophia Vergara and the long line, that was some of the best advertising ever for the truck.

Coolhaus done something revolutionary with a simple ice cream sandwich. So swing by next time you are in the city. They have their locations posted on their website for the week. Who knows maybe you will end up running into Sofia Vegara and if not I guess it will be okay getting a chicken and waffle ice cream sandwich anyway while having a nice conversation about architecture.

Tempted to order? We thought so-


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