By Maria Laposata

Coke flavored wine? That sounds…tasty, actually. That’s what the Haussmann Famille thought when they introduced Rouge Sucette. It’s 75% wine, only 9% alcohol, and the rest is water, sugar, and–aw yeah–cola flavor.


Personally, the prospect of Rouge Sucette is quite exciting to this devoted $3 Trader Joe’s wine aficionado as it presents a fantastic opportunity to no longer sound like an idiot when I’m talking about wine. Finally I can abandon all of this nonsense about “oakiness.” Now I can say, “It tastes like coke.” Ah simplicity!

One might imagine in a country where 2 liter bottles of soda are considered a single serving, that this wine was born and bred in the good ole US of A. Nope! In fact, low and behold, France is the culprit.

You heard me: France.

Of course, French wine makers have a very serious reason for risking the pretentious wrath of food and wine connoisseurs: a 50% decrease in wine sales since 1960.

While sales of hard liquors and beer have increased ever-so-slightly in France, the consumption of wine has fallen and fallen and fallen. In fact, us jolly Americans are about to exceed the French in total wine consumption.

That’s right France. We’re drunker than you. Take that.

ImageThe new product comes at a time of alcoholic turmoil in France. The government is considering raising the drinking age from 16 to 18 (WHAT? You can drink legally at 16 in France?!), wants to ban high school all-night, all-you-can-drink open bars (again, WHAT?!), and is seeking to double fines against vendors who break the new laws (OK, that one makes sense). This is all in response to a 50% increase in hospitalizations for minors babies under 15 for drunkenness since 2009. Needless to say, anyone who has anything to do with selling alcohol in France is doing a nervous need-to-pee dance.


So as the government tries to get children to drink less, alcohol vendors are looking for ways to keep them swirling, sniffing, sipping, and spitting (except, apparently not that last part) for fear of losing the youth market entirely. And so was spawned Rouge Sucette. (By the way, that means “red lollipop.”) Not only is it tasty enough to keep the kids drinking, it also sells for a price most allowances could manage: $3.80.

Well, well, well, Trader Joe’s. Looks like you really do have some competition.



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