Will the Real Phil Please Stand Up

Now which one is he…

By: Gabby Zilkha

You may be asking yourself, who is this Phil of Phil’s Steaks? I want to go give him a big hug and tell him how delicious his cheesesteaks are, but I have no idea what he looks like. This is when your mind goes into full inspector gadget gear… but I am here to put your mind at rest.

Phil is neither climbing Mount Everest nor studying in that silent yoga retreat you read about in Eat Pray Love. Phil does not have super powers, and is not making himself invisible to the paparazzo’s who are trying to snap the man who makes the delicious cheesesteaks. And no, he is not the guy on line everyday for every meal – That guy just really likes cheesesteaks…

The place of Happiness

Now that you have endured all the suspense, I am here to tell you that Phil is not a person. I KNOW?! Isn’t it crazy! When it came time to come up with a name, one of the partners suggested Jim’s on wheels since the cheeseteak was based off of Jim’s steaks in Philly. They then decided against it because the name was already established and they wanted to create their own brand. Continuing with the theme of first name cheesesteak places (ie: Pat’s, Gino’s, Ishkabibble’s, and Steve’s), they decided to give the city of Philly a nod, and shortened Philly to Phil’s.

How can you resist?

And if you think about it, the name is perfect. It represents so much about the history of the cheesesteak from its origin to how it is represented in Philly. We just have to be grateful that they brought it here to the streets New York.

There you have it folks. The mystery is revealed. There is no Phil, but hey, don’t get yourself down over this. They still have awesome people with different names serving up delicious cheesesteaks everyday! Make sure to check it out for yourself! #FreedomFoods #FoodTruckoftheWeek



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