By: Samvida Patel

Living in your time and evolving with it if not ahead of it is crucial.  Or you’ll turn into a dinosaur.

In view of that, we at Foodtoeat will always advocate saving time and ordering online from hundreds of wonderful restaurants and food trucks through our site.  Why waste 40 minutes waiting in line at a Food Truck when you could have pre-ordered and been back at work in 10 minutes?

Yet, while we will always be staunch supporters being efficient and savvy with advances like Foodtoeat, we will remain practical and cater our blog to a variety of circumstances.

Like, when it is 3 a.m. and you have just left a club, quite out of it and starving.  What is the likelihood that you will order food for delivery? Let’s be real now.

But will you get a fresh slice or two from Two Bros Pizza on your way back home?  Definitely, if you are sloshed.  Maybe, if you are only at a “good drunk” level.  Because in a somewhat working state of mind, you might question how gross you will feel after ingesting all that oil and cheese.  Or you might just want “real” food since your taste is refined in everything and you just have to keep it classy at all times.  All times.

If you are that person, here is news for you.  There are two ethnic eateries open all day, all night.  The first is a Ukrainian restaurant, “Veselka,” conveniently located near pubs like the “Thirteenth Step” in the East Village on 9th street and 2nd avenue.  I would not go there without having tried their pierogis.  You can get a small plate of four or large plate of seven and mix and match the potato, cheese, meat, spinach and cheese, sauerkraut & mushroom, and arugula & goat cheese fillings.  They’re served with sautéed onions, applesauce, and sour cream, all of which make for excellent dipping sauces.


If you’re not adventurous, regardless of your intoxication level, breakfast is served at all hours of the day.  And even if you are sober, you might want to stop by for brunch on the weekend.  Signature American dishes like the Eggs Benedict are served with an authentic spin on it.  How about Salmon Latkes Eggs Benedict?


Even more surprising than a Ukrainian restaurant being open for twenty-four hours?  A French Restaurant.  You would think sophisticated bistros closed early to add to their air of exclusivity, but not L’Express.  Located close to hotels and lounges near Union Square and Gramercy on 20th Street and Park, L’Express delivers provides fine dining at reasonable pricing.

When was the last time you had a savory onion tart, forest mushroom ravioli, and apricot crème brulée at 4 a.m.?  Thought so.  The overnight menu, while not nearly as extensive as that of Veselka, has plenty of plates to choose from and a wide variety.  So say you decided for whatever reason, in your drunken state, that you want Escargots, you can very well order them.  But I would stick to any of the above three items as well as to the roasted half chicken, the Croque Monsieur L’Express, and any dessert really.  Especially the apricot crème brulée.



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