By: Samvida Patel

If you live in New York City, or wait let’s be fair….if you live in any city, there is a 99% chance you love brunch.  I mean, it’s only one of the most in things to do on a Saturday or Sunday.  Who doesn’t love an excuse to drink during the day?  Hashtagdrunkbrunch.Image

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Except, the last time you went all out at those bottomless brunches, you probably dropped, oh forty dollars if it was a slightly more upscale place, not to mention tax and tip.  Even if the unlimited drinks only amounted to an additional twelve bucks, you still ate and it all added up. Because let’s face it, if you’re a true brunch-lover, when were you ever tempted by a cheap boozy brunch special from a place you’ve never heard of?  Too good to be true.  And then of course, there are venues like Lavo, Bagatelle, and Beaumarchais that we shall not speak of—triple digits at the least, leaving third-degree burns in your pockets, but places that will guarantee a wild, Vegas-esque experience that you probably should try out one day.


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Well until that “one-day” arrives, or if you are past that “one-day,” you definitely want to check out a charming, one-of-a-kind brunch at Vezzo, on 31st and Lexington.  For someone who frequents the place for their Beet & Goat Cheese Salad (and I don’t even like beets) and their “Chickpotle” pizza, I was surprised to know that they even have a Saturday and Sunday Brunch.  Pizza and brunch? But before I get into that, you must know that the restaurant allows two complimentary drinks with your meal—most restaurants will limit you to one beverage only, let alone allowing two drinks wherein only one can be alcoholic.  And the best part is, those poached eggs and brioche French toast do not cost more to compensate for the double drinks.  In fact, for twelve dollars, you can get an “Eggs Benedict Classico” and two mimosas.  Who said quality has to be pricey? Image

Photo Credit: Samvida Patel

But I’m not done yet.  Since Vezzo makes remarkable thin crust pizzas, with innovative yet tasty topping combos, a part of their brunch menu is dedicated to “Brunchy Pizza.”  Each pizza is personal sized, priced at twelve, and incorporates a very brunch like dish, say thin-sliced herb potatoes or an egg over-easy.  The “Toscana” is definitely worth trying if you’re all about eggs, bacon, and flavor: the formaggio bianco, a white ricotta-like cheese, serves as the base of the pizza.  The fresh arugula and balsamic reduction give it an authentic burst of flavor, while the zesty millionaire bacon bits topped with the egg over-easy add the “brunchy” to the pizza.  Try it if you want several bangs for your buck and stay tuned with Foodtoeat to unearth more hidden charms.  Bon appétit! Image

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