World Record Setting Pancake Chowdown

World champion pancake eater Hayden Wilson “like[s] to eat stuff.”

On December 2, 2012, also known as Shrove Tuesday (the day preceeding Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent) Hayden Wilson ate 80 pancakes in 17 minutes and 26 seconds at the Pancake Parlour in Melbourne, Australia.


Competitive eating is nothing new for Wilson, who has previously participated in competitive eating challenges (of cheeseburgers and Vegemite, respectively) to raise money for prostate cancer.

Guinness does not currently have a record category for most pancakes eaten.

Pancake Parlour chef, Andy Wrobel, piled 50 pancakes high in an attempt to break the Official Guinness World Record for Tallest Stack of Pancakes, for which a record does exist. The record sits at 77cm high (set by 2 gentlemen in Belgium) and Wrobel has hit 76cm in the past. Footage is currently being sent to Guinness for an official judging.

Wrobel’s achievement however, has already been recognized by the World Record Academy.

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