Mexican Restaurant Generates Controversy with “How to Catch an Illegal Immigrant T-shirt”

Taco Cid, a Mexican restaurant in Columbia, South Carolina made headlines recently for an unusual reason. Similarly to fast food chain Chick-Fil-A, Taco Cid received plenty of attention for incorporating a political stance into its restaurant. Taco Cid employees have been seen wearing a controversial t-shirt that the restaurant produces and sells to the public.

The t-shirt depicts a wooden trap using tacos as bait with a caption saying “How to catch an illegal immigrant.” The words on the t-shirt are colored in green, white and red, the colors of the Mexican flag. Critics and supporters of the shirts have already weighed in, prompting the restaurant to update its website to properly explain the intention of its shirts.

“We serve every individual with the same quality of service and respect in a friendly and welcoming manner… we are an equal opportunity employer and will hire anyone who meets our needs and is a legal citizen or legal immigrant.”

“As tax paying Americans, we believe ILLEGAL immigrants are burdening the system we support and live under, thereby, causing us to work harder and pay higher taxes to support the illegal activities which our government has turned a blind eye towards… If you agree with our view on American Equality in citizenship, legalization and tax fairness, then show your support and come join us for lunch or dinner. If you do not agree, we understand.”

The t-shirts have sparked plenty of outrage and admiration among customers, similar to the polarizing effect Chick-Fil-A had on its customers after announcing its controversial stance towards gay marriage. Although the coloring and imagery of the shirts demonstrate a racial bias towards Mexican immigrants, the restaurant is entitled to defending its belief toward illegal immigrants. No matter where you stand, taco Cid has gained plenty of publicity for these shirts, which are available for sale by calling in to the restaurant.

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