Many of us are all too familiar with the horrible hangover that can follow a rowdy New Years Eve celebration. For those who overindulged, The first day of the new year is often plagued with regret from the night before and big resolutions to change.

This year, Chicagoans with a hangover for the books could head to the newly opened Revive Hydration Clinic, which for $99 promises to treat patients’ hangover symptoms with intravenous hydration therapy and medications which can supposedly alleviate a hangover in about an hour.

Hydration therapy however, isn’t just for people who went a little too hard the night before. Revive claims that their treatment can be effective for the overworked, extreme athletes, and those with a cold or flu. Revive is said to speed recovery times for many ailments, claiming that dehydration is often a main cause in feeling crummy.

hangover heaven

Chicagoans aren’t the only lucky ones at the moment. In April, a mobile hangover clinic, “Hangover Heaven” hit Las Vegas. Founder, Dr. Jason Burke is a Duke-educated anesthesiologist who decided to dedicate his career to the study and cure of hangovers. January 1, 2013 was the official opening of his Hangover Research Institute, the first facility of its kind devoted to the study and cure of hangovers. His mobile Hangover Heaven bus treat hangovers as it travels up and down the Vegas strip and even has staff members who make house calls and provide treatment in your hotel room.

Will hangover clinics will be the way of the future or join the list of hangover cure gimmicks?

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