51- Foot Long Candy Cane Sets World Record

For all of you inquisitive candy fiends out there who have sat around for hours wondering how long the world’s longest candy cane was, you can now rest easy.

On December 8, Chef Alain Roby of Geneva, Illinois set the world record at Geneva’s Christmas Walk and House Tour. Alain is the chef at All Chocolate Kitchen in Geneva and no newcomer to world records. This is his third world record and follows his records for world’s largest cooked sugar building at 12 feet, 10 inches and world’s largest chocolate structure at 20 feet, 8 inches. Among his other accomplishments are A 700 pound sculpture of Neil Armstrong in an astronaut suit that was featured on the Food Network and a 1,250 pound chocolate cake for the Martha Stewart show.

The candy cane building process took three weeks and 900 pounds of sugar. It was constructed in 4 to 8-foot segments. The segments were rolled by hand and each took 1.5-2 hours to roll.

According to an interview with Chicagoist, Roby decided to create the candy cane because he thought “it would fit perfectly with the art walk that was happening in Geneva.” At the end of the event, attendees were able to leave with a piece of the broken up candy cane.

Roby currently has no plans for other record breaking creations. According to Roby “this was an exhausting project and I just want to take my time to enjoy it and get back to work.”

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