Schnitzel & Things is one of New York’s most iconic food trucks, and has since expanded into a brick-and-mortar location in Midtown, Manhattan. Somehow I have eaten from dozens of food trucks and overlooked Schnitzel & Things. This truck made a big splash when it debuted in 2009, winning Rookie of the Year at the Vendy Awards in its first year of business, and becoming the first food truck in New York to serve authentic schnitzel. For those who don’t know what schnitzel is, it’s a fried cutlet of meat that is gently breaded, and Schnitzel & Things serves it in a sandwich or as a platter with a choice of delicious sides.

Veal Schnitzel is what the truck is best known for, but unfortunately they were out of it by the time I placed my order. I settled with the pork schnitzel platter and chose the Austrian potato salad and chickpea salad as my sides, and got to sample three sauces; pesto mayo, ginger scallion and garlic relish, and chipotle sour cream.

For $10 I was more than impressed with size of this meal. The pork cutlet was massive, and they loaded up my to-go box with plenty of potato salad and chickpea salad, even including two lemon wedges to pack on more flavor. The schnitzel was light and fried to perfection, and each sauce complemented the meat in a different way. The two mayo-based sauces were great at alleviating the dryness of the meat, but the ginger scallion and garlic relish stood out as the clear winner of the sauces. This light, tangy sauce brought out all the flavor in the schnitzel without overdoing it.

The Austrian potato salad was good as far as potato salads go, compared to the rest of my meal it didn’t stand out too much but was still a tasty side dish. The chickpea salad on the other hand was bursting with flavor, mixed in balsamic pesto vinaigrette. The two side dishes countered the fried texture of the meat, and never made me think twice about needing a beverage with this meal.

Schnitzel and Things blew me away with the tasty simplicity of its food. Instead of overdoing flavors and combining plenty of ingredients together, Schnitzel & Things made simple food taste great. The sauces weren’t overwhelming and the meat was barely flavored, but the subtle tastes were more than enough to make this a great meal. After eating from Schnitzel & things I even felt healthy, which is more than I can say for a lot of the heavier options out there. I would definitely go back for more, and I can’t wait to try the legendary veal schnitzel.

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