Pulled Pork Waffle from Wafels & Dinges

The Wafels & Dinges Truck has been a favorite New York food truck of mine since I first noticed their iconic yellow trucks and carts. I’m not a huge fan of desserts, but something about the way the truck seems to care about its city got my attention. Wafels always sets up a garbage can outside its truck to keep the streets clean, they allow you to take whatever utensils and napkins you might need to not be so wasteful, and the guys on the truck generally have great attitudes and seem to thoroughly enjoy their jobs. Given my appreciation for the truck, I was shocked to find out they offered a pulled pork waffle and I didn’t know about it.

For $10 I got a pulled pork waffle and an iced coffee, a little more than I would’ve liked to spend on lunch but for some food trucks I can make an exception. The waffle itself wasn’t huge, and I was a little worried that I would be hungry afterwards. The idea of mixing sweet and savory also had me a little skeptical about this waffle, but once I took my first bite all my fears disappeared.

The waffle was a perfect mix of savory and sweet, kind of the way you always wished a McDonald’s McGriddle would taste. The waffle has a light syrupy flavor to it which complemented the barbecue sauce and natural sweetness of the pulled pork. Towards the back of the waffle was a mound of fresh cole slaw that was a perfect antidote to the richness of the waffle and pulled pork. I needed a fork and knife to eat this meal, and by the end I was perfectly content.

Wafels & Dinges never ceases to disappoint for a great meal. The even provided a small spekuloos wafer as a dessert, and anyone who has tried Wafels’ spekuloos spread knows how great this unique Belgian sauce is. The pulled pork waffle was just as rich as any dessert, but savory too which made it the perfect lunch. Some people might still be hungry after a lunch like this, but I found it to be a perfect medium between filling me up and keeping me awake enough to get some work done after lunch.

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  1. Josh here from the BlinkPack blog. I just went to my first food truck rally and thought I would try to find others who were into the craze as well. Oh boy, does that waffle look awesome! Your blog is great. I wish you all the best with your blogging. Cheers!

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