Boston Pizzeria Introduces Alcoholic Pizza

A Boston based pizza chain called Salvatore’s may be the first to require legal identification to eat its pizza. The pizza pies are called the “21-plus pizza”, made with enough alcohol to cause such a regulation. One of the pies, the Vignola Cherry Pizza is topped with fresh mozzarella, Gorgonzola, prosciutto, orange blossom honey and Italian cherries soaked in raspberry vodka.

The recipe for these types of pizzas came about by accident, after a series of experiments in re-hydrating cherries. The chain’s corporate chef, Victor Paone was attempting to make a cherry pizza, and after finding that the dried cherries were too tough, they were re-hydrated in liquor.

“We realized that it was a great pizza, but the alcohol content was too high, so we came up with the idea of having a 21-plus pizza,” said Paone. “You don’t get that blast of alcohol where it’s too much, but you can definitely taste it.”

Surprisingly Boston does not currently have any regulations about alcohol in its food. Salvatore’s took it upon itself to set this age-restriction on its pizza, no doubt before it becomes a trend with teenagers to get intoxicated while eating one of their favorite foods. Salvatore’s employee Chick Barbato told local news channel WCVB that “Too much would be like two to three pizzas worth. So I think you’d be pretty full before you got a buzz.”

Salvatore’s alcoholic food is not the first of its kind; last year a restaurant in D.C. called PS 7 introduced a menu of “Cuptails”, seasonal cupcakes infused with alcohol. Whether alcoholic food is the next big trend remains to be seen, but vodka flavored pizza has certainly piqued our interest.

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