Coca-Cola Launches New ‘Dasani Drops’

Beverage companies have been experimenting with a lot of new products recently, and many have been alternatives to the common prepared drink. Kraft launched a beverage flavoring drop called MiO in March last year, and Starbuck’s launched a variety of new powdered products. Now Coca-Cola has launched a new ‘alternative beverage’ called Dasani Drops.

These drops can be squeezed into water to instantly add flavor to a beverage, and Coca-Cola believes this may be just the beginning of this new products potential. According to John Roddey, Coca-Cola’s vice president of water, tea and coffee businesses in North America, the liquid drops may soon expand beyond just flavored water. Liquid drops could eventually come in tea form, because drinks with higher sugar content are more difficult to turn into a liquid concentrate.

These new drop products are popular because people can easily carry them from place to place and use as much or as little as they like to suit their own tastes. Powdered drink packets tend to restrict how much a person flavors their drink, and the drops can also make approximately 32 servings, making them remarkably cost efficient.

Dasani Drops will sell for about $4 a bottle, and will be released in early October. Coca-Cola hopes to make this new product as widespread as possible, meaning that the drops will be seen wherever Dasani bottled water is sold. The drops will debut in just four flavors, but more will be introduced next year.

John Roddey admitted to seeing the early success of other brands with similar products, and realized the growth potential for a similar Coca-Cola product. Kraft’s MiO sales have recently spiked, doubling its previous growth to over $100 million in just half a year. For Coca-Cola however, Dasani Drops may have a noticeable effect on its wide range of products. For example, giving people the option to flavor their own water might reduce sales of VitaminWater, another popular Coca-Cola product.

The brand ultimately hopes that Dasani Drops will boost consumption of Dasani bottled water, give the assumption in the products name. With bottle water sales growing, this may be a good time for Coca-Cola to break try this new product. Dasani Drops are artificially sweetened, and contain zero calories.

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