California Food Truck Sells Tacos & Drugs

A food truck in Olivehurst, California was recently discovered to be a front for an undercover meth and marijuana operation. The truth about this California taco truck was revealed after a three month sting operation, known as “Operation Dirty Taco”. Food truck owners Juan and Ernesto Paez were arrested after selling drugs to undercover agents.

“They were dealing both tacos and drugs”, said Martin Horan, commander of the Yuba-Sutter NET-5 Task Force. Horan also noted that “the tacos weren’t that good; they looked to be rather dry and inedible.”

The drugs however were believed to be first-rate, and customers were allegedly ordering off the menu for meth and marijuana, which were served in the same Styrofoam containers as the food. When the taco truck was examined it was found to have been stocked with over $10,000 in meth, marijuana and drug money.

The taco truck had been taking in as much as $50,000-a-month before it was shut down. The arrests eventually led agents to an Olivehurst home in which $8,500 in cash and marijuana plants with a street value of $300,000 were seized. Meth worth about $11,000 was found in a hole underneath a chicken coop as well.

“This is one of the first ones I can remember in a 35-year career where we’ve actually had someone sealing out the window of a food vehicle,” said Horan. The raid disrupted an organized drug trafficking operation, and will most likely lead to future arrests.

Employees at a nearby convenience store said they had no idea the drugs were being sold, and investigators say the rest of the family may not have known what the food truck owners were up to. No doubt the low quality tacos tipped off investigators to the truck’s true high quality product.

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