Electronic Tip Jar Makes Debut

Tip jars are a common sight at many local food establishments, coffee shops and even food trucks. However customers don’t always have cash on hand, especially as Americans increasingly rely on credit cards and mobile payment options for all their daily purchases. A new invention called DipJar aims to solve this problem, accepting credit and debit card payment for customers to fully show their gratitude for great service.

DipJar is a New York invention by Ryder Kessler, inspired by the tip jars seen in Manhattan coffee shops that often go neglected. Particularly during rushes baristas often serve dozens of customers without seeing even one tip. With DipJar, one swipe of a credit card will leave a $1 tip, with each additional swipe adding a dollar to the tip amount. The product is still being tested, and Kessler said during this pilot period the company will cover any processing fees and distribute the full $1 tip from each dip. Eventually however, they will have to charge a credit card processing fee to cover the cost of the system.

Alternative credit card payment systems have been catching on lately, with Square, LevelUp and others gaining traction among many small businesses. Square has even partnered with Starbucks, signaling an increased demand for innovative mobile payment solutions. DipJar is currently being tested at a few locations, including Oren’s Daily Roast.

Ultimately DipJar should provide a convenient way for customers to reward good service even without cash on hand. While they seem to be catching on mostly with food related businesses, DipJar could easily expand to any service-based industry.

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