Domo Taco: Japanese Tacos Hit NYC

Midtown Manhattan hosts a huge number of food trucks every weekday, most of which I’ve already tried or know enough about that I won’t be reviewing them anytime soon. Then I saw Domo Taco, a smaller light green food truck with a peculiar taco-with-bandanna mascot and virtually no lines. Domo Taco prepares tacos with Japanese fillings and flavors, the first truck I’ve found with this particular combination of flavors. They also offer sides like yakisoba and Japanese tater tots, but I was intrigued by their taco options.

After weeks of searching for an epic fish taco I though Domo might have finally come through for me, until I heard that they were already sold out of those. I took a mental note to stop eating from food trucks right before they close, and settled with a Carnitas taco, Teriyaki Steak taco, and Lemongrass Chicken taco.

The first thing I have to mention about these tacos is that they were each wrapped in only one tortilla, making them extremely difficult to eat at my desk. In the end I abandoned the idea of eating the tacos by hand and grabbed a fork to devour what was left. The teriyaki steak taco was easily my favorite of the bunch, topped with a pineapple and cucumber salsa, it seemed to have the perfect combination of sweet and tangy flavors, with a generous amount of steak.

Sadly the other two tacos were not nearly as good as the first one I tried. The carnitas taco and lemongrass chicken tacos both had the same toppings of cheese and pico de gallo, but something about these toppings just didn’t seem to fit the meat sitting underneath them. The carnitas was very sweet, and the lemongrass chicken had no hint of lemongrass. The toppings did nothing to add the flavor of the meat, resulting in two very underwhelming tacos.

I think Domo has a great concept, and their teriyaki steak taco proved that they can execute it. Reworking the salsa or adding some spice could go along a way for this truck. I’ll definitely be back to try something else off Domo taco’s menu, like the elusive fish taco.

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  1. Are they hoisting themselves near the Korean taco trucks, or would you say that the offered varieties are very different from those? Though, I’m curious which part of Japan is known at all for its lemongrass-infused dishes…but if they’re going to make an Okinawa-inflected champuru taco, then let’s have it.

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