The FoodtoEat Experience: How It Works

Blogged by Margaret Lu

So if you’re reading this blog post right now, you’ve heard of You’ve heard the tag lines and slogans – “Fast, free, and easy,” “The first online ordering system for food trucks,” “We only charge 10 cents per order, opposed to our competitors such as Seamless,” “We are free for you to use,” “We focus on sustainable online food ordering,” and so on and so forth. You may be wondering, is this all true? What does it all mean?

I can answer truthfully, as a intern, that everything we claim is true. What it means is, quite frankly, is that we are the better choice when it comes to online food ordering websites. If you ever use our competitors Seamless, Grub Hub,, you are helping to pay for those giant advertisements they have on the subway, on TV, in magazines, and on other types of media. That’s where your money is going – the restaurants you are ordering from are taking a hit on their bottom line, essentially losing money each time you order online. These restaurants are paying our competitors for every order, which can be up to 20% of the transaction. Instead, FoodtoEat charges a measly 10 cents per order, which is nothing compared to the high costs other companies will charge for the same service.

I’ve been working here for almost a month, and I need to eat lunch just like everyone else. I have a limited amount of time to get lunch, and I usually try to sample food from around my office’s area, so as not to waste too much of my valuable eating time. I was surprised that until yesterday, I had never utilized the services of the site that I am working for and promoting. At around 1:30, my stomach began to grumble, and I wanted to order Okadaman’s takoyaki while I had the chance. Although I knew I wanted Okadaman for sure, I also knew for a fact that they take a their time preparing their food. If there are people in front of you in while waiting line, forget about it. This isn’t because of bad service, but in fact the opposite: they make their dishes from scratch, and cook their ingredients thoroughly and with care. I was left with a dilemma: I wanted Okadaman, but I didn’t want to risk waiting in line, or wait for my food when I was so ravenously hungry.

I was momentarily frustrated with my dilemma, until I realized: what kind of company do I work for? What do we do? And then it hit me. I had my ah-ha moment. An epiphany, if you will. I hit my FoodtoEat bookmark button, inputted my address, clicked on food trucks, indicated I wanted pick up and not delivery, to find the newly added Okadaman on the list. I clicked order now, which directed me to a menu page, and I ordered my desired dishes. I can barely express how incredibly easy the entire process was: it took like then 3 minutes – I didn’t even need to input a credit card number, having utilized the nifty “Cash Payment Option” which required no extra data from me. I set the time that I wanted to pick up my food (about 45 minutes away, which I thought was more than enough of an allowance for the food to be prepared) and showed up on-time, almost on the dot. To my delight, my food was prepared and in the bag, ready to go with utensils and napkins included. All I did was conduct the transaction and the food was mine, along with the satisfaction of not having to sit around idly. The sweetest part, perhaps, was the look on people’s faces when I breezed straight past them in line to collect my ready-to-go food. – It really works, take it from me!

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