Let FoodtoEat.com Plan Your Wedding or Special Event!

Blogged by Margaret Lu

Looking to plan the perfect wedding? With all the things to do these days, and with all of the things that are required of us, it’s hard to find time to make sure every detail of your wedding is thought of and taken care of! But that’s what wedding planners are for, to save the day. Though we all think that we can do the multitude of tasks that are required, it’s quite unrealistic, especially if you have a full-time job.

We’re all familiar with some of the basic tasks that wedding planners do, such as organizing invitations, logistics, and other things, but one of the most important things a wedding planner has to do is to organize catering. Food is a vital part to any celebration, especially your wedding day. Food can set the tone for the celebration, and can help to make lasting impressions on your guests. These are just some reasons why food is so important to a wedding, besides the fact that it is necessary for life!

The problem is, catering can be expensive. Weddings are pricey enough as it is, and there are plenty of other things to think about when you are about to embark on the next phase of your life, including Honeymoon costs, bills, mortgages to pay, etc. Yet of course, no one wants to sacrifice quality in exchange for value. That’s where food trucks come in – food trucks are a fun, cool, and different way to bring some of your favorite food to your guests.

Finding the right food trucks, and for the right price, can be a tedious process. FoodtoEat.com takes the hassle out of finding the perfect caterer for your wedding, at an affordable price. FoodtoEat.com works closely with food trucks and restaurants to provide to you the best catering experience possible. You can have your favorite food trucks drive to your wedding and serve your guests your favorite foods, and spend a fraction of the price you would pay for other catering options. FoodtoEat.com can find food trucks that serve kosher, vegetarian, or any type of food you can think of. Chances are, there is a gourmet food truck that specializes in just the kind of food you want!

FoodtoEat is not only the practical way to cater for your wedding, but it’s also unique and will be sure to leave your guests with memories to last a lifetime. Do something different for your wedding that can still be delicious – FoodtoEat.com is the solution for your wedding or special event catering needs.

A Perfect Food Truck Wedding

DailyFoodtoEat is the official blog of FoodtoEat, a sustainable online food ordering and concierge catering service featuring your favorite restaurants, food trucks and caterers. Check out the deliciousness here: www.foodtoeat.com



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