Tanaka Serves a Respectable Sushi Lunch

Blogged by Margaret Lu

I originally though that Tanaka fell under the category “nothing to write home about,” yet here I am writing about it, because it pleasantly surprised me. It’s located pretty close to my office, and also a beautiful garden/park area, which is perfect for lunch dining. I decided to give it a try, as I pass by it almost every day and I am an avid sushi eater. I got a Sushi Regular to go, which was $10.95, which I thought was a bit steep for a mid-level sushi joint at first. But then I tried the food, and my mind changed. The Sushi Regular came with 5 pieces of sashimi, and a California roll. Also included was miso soup and salad.

Starting with the appetizers, the soup really hit the spot and was just the right temperature. It complimented my meal nicely, and was not overly salty or diluted. There were also sufficient amounts of seaweed and tofu, which was a nice touch. The salad was sufficiently fresh, and had a little plastic tub of dressing hiding at the bottom of the containter. I also was surprised with a lone cherry tomato, which I didn’t expect but was happy to see.

The sushi exceeded my expectations in the best possible way. The California roll had large, filling pieces, and was well made and tasted better than most. Unlike California rolls that I’m used to which have more of a dominating cucumber flavor, this roll was well balanced. Also a plus, the crabstick was a pleasant texture – not overly firm or gooey, but just right.

The actual pieces of sushi were the best part, like the headlining act at a rock concert. The Sushi Regular came with tuna, salmon, mackerel, shrimp, and red snapper. All were a good size, longer than most, and delicious to match. The salmon looked especially fresh, and I devoured it happily. The red snapper was also a treat, as it was succulent and flavorful, yet simultaneously airy and light. The whole meal certainly satisfied me and filled me up adequately. Overall, the sushi was above average quality with fresh fish, and a chef that knew how to prepare it.

Tanaka’s Sushi Regular and Sashimi Regular Lunch

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