Bian Dang: Dumplings with a Bang

Blogged by Margaret Lu

I was dragged to Bian Dang by a coworker, which is something I am now grateful for. “Bian dang” is Chinese for “lunchbox,” and the truck serves lunch until 2:30. We caught Bian Dang on a Friday on 47th and Park Ave. Though there aren’t too many choices, it’s just right and not too overwhelming. They make a few things, and they’re good at what they make.

Although I debated over getting the pork chop or the chicken leg over rice, I opted instead for the “Snack Platter” since I wasn’t too hungry. It turned out to be the perfect choice for me, as it was not too much but at the same time still filled me up to my satisfaction. The Snack Platter consisted of rice, pork sauce (a good amount of it too) and a Tea Egg. I had never previously heard of a Tea Egg, but my coworker enthusiastically informed me that it was a hard boiled egg boiled in tea to soak up the flavors. The plate cost a very modest $4, and was a steal for the large platter, served in a round white plastic container.

To compliment my Snack Platter, I ordered a serving of dumplings, 4 for $3. This was another steal! The dumpling shell was similar to that of wonton soup, but in the best possible way. The warm gooey dumplings were packed with pork meat and flavor, and made my taste buds very happy campers. Using that as my meat, I dumped the dumplings (no pun intended) onto my snack platter and hungrily devoured my lunch that I had long anticipated. The combination was a home run – I had my meat (the dumplings) plenty of rice, and even a bit of veggies with the pickled cabbage mixed with the pork sauce. The tea egg was a nice touch of a bit of extra protein.

Overall, Bian Dang is a filling, tasty, reasonable lunch. For $7 I got more food than a typical NYC lunch, and one that really was really packed with flavor. Also, the service was super speedy and it took less than 3 minutes for me to receive my order, a major plus. I would certainly return, and order the exact same thing with no desire or want to try anything else!

Bian Dang Snack Platter

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