Snap Enters the Food Truck Scene with a Bang

Just a few weeks ago, New York saw the newest addition to its collection of food trucks. Snap has made its debut, serving Chicago-style hotdogs and their unique Panko-crusted avocado fries. Their first appearance was at Photoville in Brooklyn, followed by the Prospect Park Food Truck Rally, and the Hudson Square “Lent Space” Food Truck Lot this week.

The creators of Snap were very motivated to get their food on the road. Earlier this year they held a Kickstarter Campaign to help raise money for the final renovations of their bio-fueled food truck, which runs on recycled cooking oil used in their deep fryers. They were successful in reaching their goal of raising $10,000 by March, and within a few months they fixed up their truck with environmental sustainability in mind.


(photo credit: NYSF)

Although they serve mainly hotdogs, Snap has adjusted to providing more vegetarian options. Their Chicavocado Dog consists of avocado fries stuffed in a Chicago-style bun with mustard, chopped onions, dill pickle spear, sweet pickle relish, sport peppers, and celery salt (the works). If you’re not a vegetarian, word on the street is the Chili Cheese Dog is to die for.

Although the Snap food truck does not have an NYC street permit yet, you can find them at many food truck lots in Manhattan and Brooklyn–their twitter feed will keep you updated on their location. My obsession with avocados won’t let me go much longer without visiting Snap soon to try those delectable avocado fries.

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