Mexico Blvd Offers Gourmet Mexican Food From a Truck

Mexico Blvd is one of New York’s newer food trucks, but with their lines and the quality of the food they offer you would never know it. I found the truck alongside several others at the new Hudson square food truck lot. On a hot day, the lot is filled with people enjoying their lunches under tables with umbrellas and enjoying the live music put on every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during lunchtime.

I waited until the long lines began to subside and ordered a lunch special from Mexico Blvd, two tacos, a serving of guacamole and chips and an ice cold horchata for $10. Mexico Blvd has four choices of tacos, but I ultimately went with the bistec (chunks of beef in a ‘drunken sauce’) and pastor (savory pork marinated in a three chili sauce). Both tacos were topped with cilantro and onions, and were held together by two soft corn tortillas.

The bistec taco tasted like no taco I’ve ever had before, probably because the chunks of lean beef were marinated in beer. The taco was topped with a refreshing salsa, and was mildly spicy but did not overwhelm the flavor of the beef. The pastor taco was my favorite, also topped with cilantro and onions, a spicy salsa verde and two choice slices of pineapple. I’ve had pastor tacos before, but I think Mexico Blvd’s is the best I’ve tasted. The pork had a rich and complex flavor, and the combination of the pineapple made the whole taco seem to come alive. Even though the tacos were doubled wrapped meat still spilled out of them, but I’ve never had a problem with my tacos being overstuffed.

The guacamole and chips were definitely different than what I’m used to at most restaurants or chains, or Chipotle in particular. The guacamole was very fresh, with chunks of avocado still inside and a citrus flavor to it. The chips were also lightly flavored, and were definitely superior to the standard tortilla chips I was expecting. I washed the whole meal down with a horchata, a traditional Mexican rice beverage flavored with sugar, vanilla and cinnamon. The horchata was a little sweeter than I would have hoped for, but complemented the spiciness of the meal well.

Mexico Blvd can be found at The World Financial Center, at Hudson Square, at the Dumbo lot in Brooklyn and in the Financial District. You can find their daily location and order online from Mexico Blvd here.

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  1. Hi!!! the difference is because those are real Mexican Tacos (from central Mexico), guacamole and chips… not Tex-Mex 🙂

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