Greenwich Village’s Best Kept Sushi Secret: Yummy Village Sushi

Blogged by: Margaret Lu

When it comes to sushi in Greenwich Village, Yummy Village Sushi really can’t be beat.  The combination of phenomenal prices and quality make it one of Greenwich Village’s best kept secrets.  Yummy Village Sushi is open from 4 PM to 4AM, which makes it an excellent place to satisfy those late-night sushi cravings.  If you’re not a late-night goer, Yummy Village Sushi rewards you with their biggest attraction: 50% of their House Specials menu, which includes a California Roll for $2.38, a Sushi Regular combo for $9.88, a Chicken Teriyaki Entree for $7.38, a Salmon Teriyaki Entree for $8.88, and more.  For all those sake lovers out there, Yummy Village Sushi offers a buy-one-get-one-free offer for their hot sake, $5 for a small and $9 for a large.  More often than not, the chef throws in a free appetizer that can be anything from white fish tempura to edamame.

I stumbled into Yummy Village Sushi while scoping out the sushi joints in the neighborhood, hopefully looking to find a place where I could become a regular.  I was not disappointed, as I was greeted by an attentive waitress and grandpa-like sushi chef.  The great thing about this restaurant is that it is family owned, which means that your business won’t go towards some multi-million dollar chain, but instead to a sustainable small business.  The place is small but has a nice ambiance that is cozy and laid back.  Lovebirds, NYU students, neighborhood regulars, and even the occasional tourist, can be found at this hidden gem.

Sushi is one of those things where you almost always get what you pay for.  But not at Yummy Village Sushi! Their sushi is well made, fast, and prepared by chefs that know what they’re doing.  On top of their delicious food, their prices are sure to keep you coming back for more.


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