Chicago Mayor Gives Food Trucks Two Thumbs Up

Blogged by: Anjali Kapur

Mayor Emanuel has made a proposal to loosen the mandates placed on food trucks that serve Chicago streets. Preparing fresh food in vehicles is currently illegal in the city; food trucks must sell food that is already prepared and packaged in a stationary licensed kitchen. However, the mayor believes that allowing food trucks to conduct their businesses properly will encourage the growth of “a vibrant food culture across the city.” He sees the expansion of the food truck industry to be an economically lucrative opportunity.

The most important provision of the ordinance presented by the Mayor will finally allow food trucks to fully prepare meals in their vehicles. Other conditions will require them to park in established food truck lots, or at least 200 feet away from other restaurants and food vendors. While they will be able to serve food around the clock, they can only remain in the same spot for a maximum of two hours. Employees must follow all food safety regulations and trucks will be inspected by city officials regularly. A GPS will be installed in each truck to track their daily whereabouts. Although there are a number of stipulations that food truck operators must abide by, approval of these regulations will finally establish a street food industry in Chicago that can hopefully match that of other major cities in the near future.

Some of the food trucks that are rooting for legal permission to prepare and serve their meals on wheels include Hummingbird Kitchen, Flirty Cupcakes, Gaztro-Wagon, and The Meatyballs Mobile. The ordinance was proposed to the City Council yesterday, and many await the decision which may be made as early as next month.


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