A Political Debate: Canadian Food Trucks vs. Restaurant Owners

Blogged by: Anjali Kapur

In recent years, food trucks have been springing up across major cities throughout Canada. Restaurants in Vancouver, Ottawa, Ontario, and Montreal, to name just a few cities, have felt threatened by the rise of the food truck business that has become popular amongst locals.Each area varies in the municipal regulations placed on these mobile kitchens, primarily dealing with parking permits and hours of operation. Food truck owners are upset by the stringent laws they are subject to, and the Canadian foodies who venture out to these food trucks for lunch on a regular basis seem to be pushing for more lax regulations.

Will the regulations be re-evaluated and turned over in favor of the food trucks? Or will their business be halted by additional restrictions?

In case you happen to be in Canada anytime soon, here’s a link to the Top 10 Canadian Food Trucks.

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