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Perry, the voice behind New York Street Food, brings you his latest review on New York City food trucks.

One of the city’s most exciting new food trucks just opened last Friday.

The truck is called Okadaman, which is the nickname of the chef whose recipes are served on the truck, Okada Yasuhiko.  An illustration of his face graces the side of the truck.

During his college years, Okadaman grew fascinated with okonomiyaki and takoyaki, and ever since then, he has been seaching for the perfect recipe. Okonomiyaki is a Japanese omelette-pancake hybrid made with a variety of ingredients.  Takoyaki are fried octopus balls.

We decided to get an original okonomiyaki, which cost $8.97 after tax.  There is also a seafood okonomiyaki available for the same price that is made with calamari.

It’s kind of tough to see with all the stuff on top, but this all starts with a special…

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