Deep Ellum Food Truck Festival Hits Dallas/Fort Worth

Blogged by: Anjali Kapur

Last Friday, the Deep Ellum Food Truck Rally began with a galore of food trucks popular among locals of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The food trucks were parked side by side on Main St. serving gourmet meals to the public on an expectedly warm summer night. A variety of cuisines were featured by food trucks including Nammi, Rock and Roll Taco, Easy Slider, Good Karma Kitchen, Zombie’s, Gepetto’s Pizza, and Rockstar Bakeshop.

Nammi is a unique food truck serving Vietnamese Fusion food. They are known for their bahn mi, a hefty 12-inch grilled pork sandwich on soft baguette bread with garlic mayo, pickled daikon, and jalapenos. Zombie’s food truck drew in vegan eaters in the area with dishes like the Buffalo Joe and Seoul Survivor. To top off a wholesome meal with delicious sweet treats, the Rockstar Bakeshop served their famous whoopie pies out of their truck (fun fact: the truck’s name is “Layla”). Every flavor on their regular menu is named after a classic rock song — “American Pie,” “Smoke on the Water,” and “Sweet Caroline” to name a few. This mobile bakery makes creative combinations of moist cake and creamy frosting to make delectable whoopie pies that have become extremely popular in just a few months.


In recent months, the food truck trend in the Dallas/Fort Worth area has grown tremendously. Several owners have obtained licenses because the overall cost of starting a food truck is cheaper than opening a restaurant. With the deluge of new food trucks pouring into the business, several lots are being created to solve the parking issues that both customers and food truck owners face on the streets. These parks will be home to several food trucks that can serve their food at a fixed location on a regular basis. The competition between food truck parks is expected to increase in the coming months as the street food trend continues to grow.

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