Baltimore and Washington D.C. Food Trucks Unite at ‘A Taste of Two Cities’

Baltimore and Washington D.C. have two great mobile food communities, with plenty of food trucks and events throughout the summer. Now the two cities are planning a joint venture, called ‘A Taste of Two Cities’ which will be a friendly competition between their respective food trucks.

The event will be held this Saturday from 11am – 7pm at the Westport Waterfront in Charm City. A panel of six judges will preside over the event and the thirty trucks in attendance and crown the best food truck out of Baltimore and Washington D.C. with the Mayor’s Cup. Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake will be in attendance as well, and even present the winning truck with the Mayor’s Cup.

The D.C. Food Truck Association is expecting this event to be a major step for the mobile vending community in solidifying its role with the city and with eaters. However the Maryland Mobile Food Vendors Association is viewing the event in a slightly different light.

“Baltimore always has had an inferiority complex about Washington,” says Damian Bohager, a board member and event organizer. “This is a chance for Baltimore to step up and be a big-time big city. I kind of think we have a home-field advantage because we have some really good food truck.”

Baltimore’s food truck scene is still considerably smaller than Washington’s, with the Charm City area hosting about thirty trucks versus over 100 licensed vendors in Washington D.C. proper. However Baltimore has come farther than the District in terms of food truck rules and regulations. Last year Baltimore food trucks made peace with brick-and-mortar restaurants, while Washington’s government continues to delay at reaching an equitable food truck agreement.

A Taste of two Cities aims to demonstrate the spirit of community between all mobile food vendors, by lining up Washington and Baltimore vendors one-by-one next to each other. Visitors will get free admission to the event, but will have to pay for food from each truck they visit.

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