A Taste of Mike N Willie’s Tacos

I’d been eying Mike N Willie’s for a while now, the new green and orange food truck with a savory combination of tacos, sliders and more. The truck seems to be modeled after a fairy tale theme, and the owners Mike and Willie hail from Brooklyn, where they often serve food when they’re not in Manhattan.

Seeing the truck conveniently located in Midtown, I had my sights set on their fish tacos. Unfortunately, they were all sold out by the time I got there, and I had to settle with a short rib taco and two lime chicken tacos. The wait for my three tacos was a lot longer than I anticipated, especially since Domo Taco was less than a block away and probably was not sold out of fish tacos yet; but I already committed to Mike N Willie’s so I bought a glass bottle Coke and waited for my food with everyone else.

At three tacos for $10, Mike N Willie’s offers a decent deal for lunch, and I appreciated that he offered two kinds of hot sauce to take to-go with your lunch. I poured the hotter of the two sauces on all three of my tacos, and began enjoying my lunch. The short rib taco consisted of shredded beef short ribs, lettuce, cotija cheese sprinkled on top and plenty of barbecue sauce. The taco was double wrapped in a corn tortilla, which made it easy to manage. In fact, even though all of these tacos were stuffed with fillings, I barely spilled anything when eating them because they were so well put together. The taco was very good, but just a little on the sweet side for me, so I slathered on more hot sauce to give it a real kick.

I enjoyed the lime chicken tacos even more than the short rib, with the variety of toppings Mike N Willie’s threw on. The chicken was all white meat, topped with cotija cheese, tomatillo sauce and a dollop of guacamole. The flavoring in this taco was perfect, and the sauces added just the right amount of heat. I was also impressed with the quantity of chicken I received in each taco, making their 3 tacos for $10 deal a home run.

Mike N Willie’s has a selection of sliders I would like to try on me next visit, like the vegetarian peanocchio option, and of course I’ve got to try their elusive fish taco! Overall I was pleased with Mike N Willie’s, and I would definitely come back for a second visit.

You can pre-order from Mike N Willie’s here to skip the lines.

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