An American Food Truck in Paris

Paris has finally opened its doors to an invasion of American culinary influence, most recently seen in an American food truck called Cantine California. While many people in France still believe that the vast majority of Americans eat mostly fast food, many Parisians are experiencing American cooking at top restaurants run by American chefs, with menu items like cheesecake, bagels and bloody Mary’s. Young Parisians now praise cuisine called “tres Brooklyn”, referring to a combination of informal, creative and quality food.

Cantine California and other American food trucks take this new trend to the streets in Paris, offering tacos filled with organic meat. Another truck, Le Camion Qui Fume (The Smoking Truck) sells burgers which have become hugely popular despite the warnings chef Kristin Frederick was given. Frederick is originally from California, and was told that the French would never eat food on the street, with their hands or pay up to 10 euros for food from a truck. Frederick proved all of these skeptics wrong, charging 10 euros fro a burger and fries, getting permission from authorities and attracting crowds.

American chefs are now working in some of Paris’s hippest restaurants, and Parisians are continuing to pay more and more for gourmet burgers (29 euros for the popular burger at Ralph’s). Jordan Feilders, who started Cantine California noted that younger Parisians are obsessed with the new York food scene and California lifestyle. His new food truck is decorated with American phrases like “Fresh Cut Fries” and “Real Cheese” and serves Americans cupcakes and gourmet tacos.

Although street food is not a new concept to France, gourmet street food crafted by chefs using restaurant-grade ingredients has never been done. After seeing how chefs in the United States began to move outside the kitchen, France began to pay attention, creating a ‘trans-Atlantic vibe’ between the two countries.

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  1. Sounds wonderful and I want to hear more! Where can I connect and get updates! I just graduated from culinary school- mid life career change! and my plan is to have my own mobile food truck! I would like to talk with like minded individuals who have taken their own interests on the road! Thanks!

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