Zombie Apocalypse Themed Food Truck Hits DC

A new food truck that launched in Washington D.C. is the first documents zombie apocalypse themed food truck. The truck is called Pho Junkies, and serves Vietnamese pho soup. Created by Virginia natives Woo Lee and Luan Vo, the two friends decided to start their own food truck to emulate Lee’s parents’ Vietnamese restaurant. After struggling to find employment after graduation, creating a food truck seemed like the perfect decision.

The zombie themes of the truck originates from Lee and Vo’s obsession with zombies while growing up, and obsession that they have carried into adult life. The duo declared that they didn’t just want to paint a truck a bright color and slap a name on it. Instead they designed the truck to be a perfect zombie killing machine by painting blood spatter, armored panels and fire-blasting exhaust pipes. The truck was modeled after the zombie-killing vehicle featured in the end of Dawn of the Dead, though the truck in the film also had chainsaws, machine guns and barbed wire.

The truck has many nods to popular zombie culture as well, reflecting the owners’ current interests in zombie fanfare such as AMC’s The Walking Dead and the Resident Evil video games. The truck has several shout-outs to modern zombie culture, with a sticker saying “I believe in Rick Grimes”, a main protagonist in The Walking Dead. The truck also features an umbrella logo meant to symbolize the evil Umbrella Corporation in the resident Evil franchise.

Lee and Vo work hard to recreate the zombie feel at Pho Junkies by the way they interact with their consumers. A look at their Twitter shows how they call customers “survivors” and use clever slogans to convince consumers they really are eating from a zombie truck. In addition to pho, the truck offers several side order options.

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  1. Had these zombie vittles on thursday… so damn good. true to their slogan: it’s better than brains!

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