It’s been a while since I’ve eaten from Comme Ci Comme Ca (also known as Chef Samir Truck), and after having a positive experience the first time there I decided to go back for seconds. For those who do not know, Comme Ci Comme Ca is a Mediterranean food truck that roams Midtown and the Financial District on weekdays.

Comme Ci Comme Ca is completely unlike any other food truck I’ve eaten. At first I thought it was a variation of the chicken over rice trucks, serving cous cous and grilled vegetables to give it more of a gourmet kick. However this truck never ceases to defy my expectations, and after eating a delicious kofte sandwich the first time I went, I knew I needed to try the Moroccan cous cous I’d heard so much about.

I ordered the beef cous cous platter for $9, and made sure to get as much sauce on it as possible. The cous cous platter came with a variety of grilled vegetables that you don’t ordinarily see in street meat. Among the veggies I could identify were butternut squash, zucchini, turnips, carrots and chick peas. The vegetables were spread out over a platter of warm, spiced cous cous with generous slices of beef. Flavored with dill, rosemary and other seasonings, the beef was amazing combined with the spicy Andalusian sauce and the spicy mint sauce. The starchy vegetables made the dish very filling, and added a great contrast to the beef.

Now that Comme Ci Comme Ca comes to Midtown fairly often, I was able to try one of his daily specials as well, a Beirut sandwich, with ground chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, hummus and a variety of sauce wrapped in a pita for $7. This was my first time trying ground chicken and I was a little skeptical, but once again Comme Ci Comme Ca prepared a delicious meal. Unfortunately the pita bread didn’t hold the sandwich together very well so I had to eat the sandwich with a fork, but I didn’t mind at all. The meat was perfectly grilled and spiced again, and the sauces gave the chicken a perfect texture.

Comme Ci Comme Ca has a great menu for vegetarians as well; it seems these guys don’t miss a beat with their lunch menu. They usually park on 50th Street and Park Avenue on Wednesdays.

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