Memphis Food Truck Association has a Bright Future

On Monday night the Memphis Food Truck Association officially came together and held its first meeting, marking Memphis as another food truck-friendly city to create an organization to champion food trucks’ rights. The new food truck alliance was arranged by Taylor Berger from YoLo Frozen Yogurt & Gelato, and approximately 60 people showed up to the inaugural meeting.

There are currently 45 food trucks operating in Memphis that have been approved by the Shelby County Health Department, with over 30 food truck applications still pending. Most food trucks at the meeting were only recently granted their licenses, were still waiting on the Health Department or were considering entering the business.
“The energy level was really high. It felt like a community already,” Berger said. “I hadn’t really experienced anything like that in a while – just the kind of grassroots community level enthusiasm, it was just electric.”

The group discussed several upcoming summer events and the role that food trucks could play in them. One of the major goals of this alliance came out of the frustration individual trucks felt with reaching out to parks and companies without a level of organization to fall back on. Now the food trucks are able to organize events under one banner, and work together to plan successful food truck events.

Some of the events currently being planned are food truck rallies and nightly concerts where food trucks could vend. At the Botanic Gardens a series of weekly movie screenings are being planned, where food trucks will be present to vend for a wider audience than they previously would have been able to.

You can keep up with the Memphis Food Truck Association on Facebook or Twitter.

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